I run picture book events for three to seven year olds at schools, libraries and festivals across the UK. For bookings and enquiries visit: www.authorsalouduk.co.uk


"Chloe is not only a brilliant story creator and illustrator but is also an amazing presenter. There is a buzz in the room as she interacts and motivates the children to enjoy the stories and characters she creates. An absolute must for your KS1 pupils. My schools that we visited today said she was the best author they had ever had!! Don't miss out." Jeanette Kemp Windsor and Maidenhead Libraries

“An absolutely brilliant session! One of the most engaging visitors we’ve ever had – our children were hooked for the whole hour”

Galleywood Infant School, Chelmsford

"Chloe is a fountain of inspiration, good humour, energy and enthusiasm, an excellent storyteller and gifted illustrator. She held the audience spellbound and the time in her company just whizzed past. In our School she ably adapted her presentation to the various age groups attending the workshops, offering dynamic and fun storytelling to the younger groups as well as great insights into drawing and creative writing to the older ones. In fact, her visit led to successful writing and illustrating projects. Working with Chloe was a delight" Laura Brill, Librarian,The Pilgrims' School, Winchester

"Chloe had an amazing rapport with the children. They were all enthralled by her stories, illustrations and drama." Lucy Lawrence
Service Development Specialist, Ashburton Library, Croydon

"I've never seen such a large group of children so mesmerised and absorbed in a story!" Kate Beckwith, Arts Education Outreach Officer, University of Essex

"It is a publicists dream to work with an author who runs their events with confident panache, creativity and enthusiasm and I have exactly that in Chloe" Bea Cross, Publicity Executive, Macmillan Children's Books

"Smiling, bubbly and a real bundle of energy, Chloe had our children in the palm of her hand with her hugely diverting talk complete with hand actions, drawings and interesting noises...! Her enthusiasm for her stories is very infectious - great fun!" Ali Richardson, Library Manager, Stanmore Primary School, Winchester

"Chloe is an AMAZING storyteller and had the children ENTRANCED! They thoroughly enjoyed her visit and produced some WONDERFUL art work too." Ursula Channing, Orwell Park School, Ipswich

"It's quite a challenge to keep 100 three to seven year olds engaged for nearly an hour but Chloe managed this beautifully in a very relaxed manner" Charlotte Thursz, Communications Officer, The Paragon Junior School, Bath Literary Festival

"Chloe was AMAZING!!!!!!! The children absolutely loved her. She was a natural and so wonderful with the children." Widford Lodge School, Chelmsford

“The kids were so enthusiastic and engaged and staff said they couldn't remember a time we had had such a brilliant visitor in.” Liz Eggleton, East The Water Community Primary School, North Devon

“I got stopped by a mum who said she’d been coming to the Lit Fest for years and Chloe’s event was the best children’s event she’d ever been to.” Harriet Reed, Events Director, Henley Literary Festival

"We were very fortunate to have Chloe Inkpen visit our children in the Early Years. They absolutely loved her storytelling sessions and joined in at every opportunity. Chloe developed their skills in art, music, reading and maths in an engaging and exciting way! We will definitely be inviting Chloe back!" Jasmine Kodi, Assistant Head, Vicarage Primary School, East Ham

"My favourite part was when you drew the chameleon. I loved joining in because it is fun. I loved the Moony Mole’s song it is so good! Ps. can we come again Please??" Gracie, St George’s Lane Primary, Worcester

"I loved your stories. My favourite was Fred. I liked when you introduced the moony mole. I liked when you drew the scribbly spider. I loved the trip I wish I could come again!!! Fred had funny eyes. Love from Ethan" Ethan, St George’s Lane Primary, Worcester

"It was the best day ever" Lilly, St George’s Lane Primary, Worcester